I started training with Dan Pfitzer in 2003 for General Health because out was out of touch with myself and my needs.  I became aware of my body and its weaknesses.  For example, I couldn’t raise my arms to put clothes on and off over my head.  This was the first of many things “Pfitz” fixed.  As I grow older he continues to help me remain independent.  Best of all, Pfitz is as interested in me and my overall health as the first day I came.  He has inspired me to know good health is more important in my life than anything else.  He is fun.  He works hard. He is honest. He is trustworthy. He has helped me immensely.  I am his friend.

I started working out at Pfitz Fitness to prepare myself for an upcoming ski trip. That was 2 years ago! My trainer Kevin set goals with me for the trip and encouraged me at every step. Of course – I crushed it in Colorado! When I returned, we moved on to golf and then weight loss and then general flexibility. Everyone at Pfitz is great and you can tell they really care about you and your personal goals. I wouldn’t work out anywhere else and will never work out by myself again.

I began working with Bill when he started at Pfitz 12 years ago and continue to work with him even after relocating to Ann Arbor. He’s knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful. His flexible scheduling and one on one attention allows me to maximum benefit from the workouts when I need them given my busy schedule. I really like that Bill gets to know your strengths and weaknesses and adjusts your workouts to help you get the maximum benefit. I appreciate that Bill builds a workout schedule and varies the activities so it holds your interest. I would highly recommend Bill to help you meet your fitness goals.

If you are serious about increasing your core and overall strength, flexibility and balance, and have the courage to admit that you can’t accomplish these goals on your own, that good intentions sometimes can’t overcome some loss of motivation that accompanies the aging process, then I highly recommend personal training and Pfitz Trainer Bill Decker in particular. His background and knowledge is put to work to safely and efficiently take you beyond your comfort zone. The atmosphere is basic, no frills, no tea or steam room. Just you and someone totally focused on your well-being. What could be better for you than that?

Pfitz Fitness Trainer Bill Decker is one of the best trainers in the business. Every training is different, but it is never more than you can handle. He is extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and is very careful and considerate of age and ability. Working out with Bill not only gets results, but it makes you feel so good about your own achievements!

Dan Pfitzer, a Toledo area native, is founder and owner of Pfitz Fitness and the inventor of the Pfitz Reaction Bar. Since its inception in the early 80’s, Pfitz Fitness has been going strong constantly redefining its mission to meet the unique needs of its ever-increasing clientele.

Aside from his years of experience as a personal fitness trainer, Dan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Bowling Green State University and a Physical Fitness Specialist certification from the Cooper’s Clinic in Dallas, Texas. He is also certified by the American Council of Exercise and the International Dance Exercise Association. All Pfitz Trainers have received certifications from these or similar organizations. Pfitz Fitness is also a recognized member of the IDEA Business Network and the National Federation of Independent Business.